Wow – it’s been a while

I was looking at the site, and my apologies – it has been almost a year since I updated it. The good news is that my website and SEO business are going exceptionally well. The bad news is that I have yet to have a chance to work on this project this year!

DailyBookAlert – I really love the idea of this site and to eventually be able to email people lists of their favorite authors/series when they release new books. I apologize for not working harder to make this a reality.

Today I have updated the theme – now using a GeneratePress theme. It isn’t exactly what I want … but it will let me start working on things again and if I need to change themes again in the future I can.

I updated the following pages: Stephen King, Stone Barrington, and well it seems like something else.

I’m trying to figure out the best way to present the information on this site.

I have a couple of choices I can post the information as posts that are easier to publish, and I can publish as pages that give more structure, or somehow I can publish as products under specific categories. There should be an easier way. But my main goal is to publish the information and then go back and make changes down the road.

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