(Updated: December 9, 2022)

Although I’d love to see one – as of yet there isn’t a Stone Barrington movie in the works. Rumors have persisted for years that studios have optioned the rights to some of the books or the entire series.

Stuart Woods books that have become movies.

What Stuart Woods books have been made into movies? Two of the books—Chiefs and Grass Roots—have been made into TV miniseries, in 1983 and 1993, respectively. Chiefs is available from Netflix.

Stone Barrington on the Big Screen.

Who would you like to see playing Stone Barrington?  Let me know in the comments below.

What about Eddie McClintock (Pete Lattimer from Warehouse 13) as Stone Barrington? He’s dashing and I think he could bring just the right amount of humor and grit to the role.

The earlier books make me think of Aaron Eckhart he looks good in a suit and I think that he could handle the role very well.

Aaron Elkhart as stone barrington

Mark Wahlberg as Stone Barrington also pops into my mind. I picture Mark Wahlberg playing this role in the same way that Daniel Craig approached the James Bond role. There is style and sophistication but an undercurrent of danger and machismo.

Who Would play the supporting roles, like Dino?

I think Steve Zahn would play a great Dino. But he’s not Italian. And when I picture him in a uniform (although technically a detective) I picture his role in National Security.


  1. I could definitely see Ackhert as Stone or maybe Chris Pratt but think Wahlberg would be better suited for the role of Dino, more street wise and sarcastic. Vince Vaughn might fit as well but I don’t see him playing second to Stone. Need some striking women to play the roles of Holly, Felicity and Arrington. Felicity could be Jessica Chastain, Holly – Gwenyth Paltrow and Arrington -bCharlize Theron or they could flip flop


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