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Daily Book Alert – Site Update Nov 5, 2021
Clive Cussler

I’ve been busy making updates to the site and I’m very excited about what’s in store for next year.

I would like for each page to have a short bio and interesting information about each author – I think that info is important but is so often overlooked.

Obviously, I am adding “books in order” for each author as time permits. I thought the process would go much faster for loading the authors, bio and books in order.  But, it is still a fairly manual process.  I am however very happy with the WordPress theme and think that it adds a lot of capabilities that are missing from other sites.  I have also been very impressed with the hosting company, Siteground.

Here are the updates:

Clive Cussler: added a short bio and started to add some books and link them to the amazon pages.

Stephen King:  added short biography of his early life. I would like to add a longer bio for each author but it just takes a while and I also want to get the book information online.

Suggested contents and articles.
Suggested Contents
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