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Site Update Mid November 2021

Howdy, all – I made a few more updates – thanks for your patience.  It’s actually been interesting to see what Google picks up when I make changes and adjustments.  Sometimes it picks them up fast and the site begins ranking quickly for a keyword like Stephen King. Other times it takes a while but then “Jericho Quinn” starts rising up the rankings.  It can be a little frustrating because I spent a lot of time working on certain pages and spend a brief amount of time on others and the results don’t seem to reflect the time spent.

Anyways, enough about nerd stuff… on to the books.

Updated the Jericho Quinn Books in Order page to include all of the Jericho Quinn series by Marc Cameron.

Made an individual book page for National Security by Marc Cameron as part of a subpage for the Jericho Quinn Books In Order page.

Created the Vince Flynn Books in Order page – will need to update it as time allows.

That’s it for now – Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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