Maisie Dobbs Netflix Movie

Here’s the latest we know about the long-awaited Maisie Dobbs movie or Netflix mini-series. Personally, we would prefer a mini-series or limited series to give the books the treatment they deserve.

Sept. 15, 2021 – Hillary & Chelsea Clinton’s HiddenLight Productions Option Jacqueline Winspear’s ‘Maisie Dobbs’ Detective Novels. “We’re also doing scripted projects so, for example, one of our favorite books that Chelsea and I have shared over the years is a book about a character called Maisie Dobbs, which is a series about a World War I field nurse who turns into a detective and we’ve just optioned it,” Hillary Clinton said, adding how much she and Chelsea love the character and her journey during a time of “great social upheaval.”

Sept 15, 2021 – Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s HiddenLight Options Maisie Dobbs Series of Novels. The Clintons, alongside Sam Branson, launched HiddenLight in December with the goal of creating documentary, unscripted and scripted content for film, TV and digital platforms.

July 10, 2014 – 10 Years Later, Mystery Heroine ‘Maisie Dobbs’ Gains New Life

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