Stone Barrington Books in Order

Stone Barrington is one of my favorite fictional characters. The first thing that made me feel a kinship with Stone Barrington was the he was a down-on-his-luck attorney. He brought in just enough money at the end of the book to pay the bills. It immediately reminded me of my favorite tv sleuth Jim Rockford who seemed to always scrape by … Of course Stone Barrington has moved on to business jets and dinners at the White House. The books are still great reads!

New York Dead-1991
Dead in the Water-1997
Swimming to Catalina-1998
Worst Fears Realized-1999
L.A. Dead-2000
Cold Paradise-2001 
The Short Forever-2002 
Dirty Work-2003
Reckless Abandon-2004 
Two Dollar Bill-2004 
Dark Harbor-2006
Fresh Disasters-2007 
Shoot Him If He Runs-2007 
Hot Mahogany-2008 
Loitering with Intent-2009 
Lucid Intervals-2010
Strategic Moves-2010 
Bel-Air Dead-2011 
Son of Stone-2011
D.C. Dead-2011 
Unnatural Acts-2012 
Severe Clear-2012 
Collateral Damage-2012
Unintended Consequences-2013
Doing Hard Time-2013
Standup Guy-2014
Carnal Curiosity-2014
Cut and Thrust-2014
Paris Match-2014
Insatiable Appetites-2015
Hot Pursuit-2015
Naked Greed-2015
Foreign Affairs-2015
Scandalous Behavior-2016 
Family Jewels-2016 
Dishonorable Intentions-2016
Sex, Lies & Serious Money-2016 
Below the Belt-2017
Fast and Loose-2017
Indecent Exposure-2017
Quick & Dirty-2017
Shoot First-2018
Desperate Measures-2018
A Delicate Touch-2018
Wild Card-2019
Hit List-2020
Choppy Water-2020
Double Jeopardy-2021